General Donations

Our general donations program encompasses the donations that filter through our "Donate" page.  General donations are allocated monthly to extra costs that are not covered by the sponsorship programs.  This includes emergency funds for if one of the children gets sick or needs medical attention, replacement books or other school supplies, or any other emergency we might need funds.  In addition our general donations program is the largest contributor to our larger scale projects done with our homes.  This includes building new dormitory structures, covering part of teachers salaries, building more sanitary bathroom facilities, and starting sustainable farming and other income generating projects.


What have we done with our General Donations in the Past?

nadia chair.JPG

Provided a Specialized Wheelchair for a Child in need.

We used some of our general donations to give Nadia the gift of mobility.  Previous to obtaining her specialized wheelchair Nadia was being held in a dark room, most of the time alone, because of the fear she would be harmed in some way.  Now Nadia is able to be outside and experience the world in a more stimulating way.  Nadia is an orphan at one of the orphanages we work with in Ve Deme, Ghana. 

Specialized bathroom chair

In late 2017 we used our general donations to build and install a chair for Wilberforce to use the bathroom.  Previous to this he was forced because of his clubbed feet  to sit on a very unsanitary floor as the toilet at the home is a small hole in the ground.  The chair allows him to use the bathroom in a more sanitary way until we are able to provide a more permanent bathroom installation for the home. 



High School Tours

Our general donations fund allowed us to take the graduating seniors of Happy Kids School to tour secondary schools in Accra in February 2016.  This allowed the young students to be inspired by their prospective schools and allowed them obtain information on what each school had to offer them. 


Soccer Uniforms

We made a donation to get uniforms and cleats for Ghana's first all female soccer league. This league was started by one of the staff members at Happy Kids School in order to empower our female students and teach them their strength.